Home Screen


This screen displays the character registered to the app.
Several options are available.

You can also receive one kupo nut per day by visiting the Home menu.

New Features

  • The Chat menu has been changed to the Community menu, incorporating both chat and fellowship functions.
  • The Contacts button on the home screen now indicates the number of online users.
  • The app's color scheme can now be changed via Theme Settings.


Use the home screen buttons to access the following features.





 Sell on Market Board

 Buy from Market Board

The app must access in-game data to purchase or sell items on the market board as well as organize your inventory. You will not be able to use these features while logged in to the game client. If you attempt to do so, you will be shown a pop-up window with the option to remotely log out of the game. Once you log out, you will be able to access these features in the app.

It is possible, however, to view the market board while still logged in to the game. Please note that attempting to purchase any items will display a prompt asking you to log out of the game to proceed with the purchase.

Home Screen Sidebar Menu

Tap the icon in the upper-right corner of the home screen to access the sidebar menu, with options to view your account details, check your kupo nuts, purchase mog coins, change settings, review the user guide, and more.


Check details on your service plan, as well as current balances and usage history for in-app currency.

App Settings

Change the language display settings, as well as adjust default alarm settings.
Manually update character and app data.

User Guide

Review this guide.


View a list of common questions and their answers.


Access the support page. If you have a question or issue that is not covered in the user guide or FAQ, you can reach the support desk by using the contact form.

Login Status

When your character is logged in to the game, you can check their current World.

Tap Login Status to display the time the status was last checked and other details.
Tap the button to refresh the status.

The status cannot be refreshed if less than ten minutes have passed since it was last checked.

If you have used the World Visit System to move from your Home World, some functions relating to in-game features will be restricted.

Announcements Icon

This icon indicates you have unread announcements or news alerts. Tap the icon to visit the news page.

App Settings

Adjust various application settings, as well as manage character data.


News Alerts

Enable or disable notifications for news pertaining to FINAL FANTASY XIV.


Manually Update Data

Update Character Data

Retrieves your most recent character data.
Use this feature in the event a change to your character's name or Home world is not reflected on the Companion App.

Update App Data

Downloads the most recent app data.
Use this feature in the event the Companion App does not function properly after an update to the game.


Alarm Settings

My Events

Adjust alarms for events you created.

Registered Events

Adjust alarms for events you are scheduled to participate in.


Sound Settings

Sound Effects

Adjust the sound effects used within the Companion App.


Adjust vibration settings used within the Companion App.
※Your device must support vibration to enable this feature.

Sound effects and vibrations will be used in the following circumstances:

  • When receiving messages while viewing group chats.


Website Display Settings

Confirm FINAL FANTASY XIV websites

Enable or disable prompts when opening links to official FINAL FANTASY XIV websies.

Confirm Other Websites

Enable or disable prompts when opening links to websites not affiliated with FINAL FANTASY XIV.


Display Settings


Set the display language used in the Companion App.


Set the color theme to be used in the Companion App.


Character Settings

Online Status

Allow other users to see your in-game online status in the Companion App.

  • When set to private, your status will appear as "Unknown" to other Companion App users.
  • After 30 days of inactivity on the Companion App, your status will automatically be set to appear as "Unknown" regardless of your settings.