You may buy items listed on the market board via the app. In-app currency is required in addition to gil.

New Features

  • Items can now be added to your Favorites list.
  • Stackable items will now be automatically stacked when purchased.
  • It is now possible to view the market board while still logged in to the game.

Buying Items

Requires one mog coin or kupo nut.

  1. Select the category of the item you wish to buy.
  2. A list of items for sale in that category will be displayed.
  3. Browse the list and select the item you wish to buy.
  4. Listings will be displayed from lowest to highest price. Select a listing.
    • You may view your transaction history by tapping the icon.
    • Tap the HQ symbol to show only items of high quality.
  5. Once you have confirmed the price, tap the Purchase button.
  6. Buying items on the market board requires in-app currency. Tap Yes to confirm payment and a moogle will purchase the item and deliver it to you.
  7. Once the transaction is complete, the item will be placed in your character's inventory.
    • When purchasing a stackable item that already exists in your inventory, the purchased item will be stacked automatically.


Searching by Item Name

You may search for items by name. This is convenient when searching by category yields too many results.

  1. Tap the icon in the top right and enter the name of the item you wish to find.
  2. All items containing that text in their name will be displayed.
  3. Tap your desired item to display available listings.
  4. To cancel the item name search, tap the close icon in the top right of the screen.


Adjusting the Item List

When viewing the market board, you may apply filters to the item list or change the order in which items are displayed.


Equippable items may be filtered by job, class, and level. Filters can be toggled with the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Sorting Options

Tap the icon in the upper right of the screen to change the sorting order.