Members of your in-game friend list, linkshells, and free company, as well as users you add via the app, will be displayed in your Contacts.

Your Contacts will be automatically synced with your in-game data; however, it may take up to a day for the app to reflect in-game changes depending on the current server traffic.

New Features

  • An option to view non-app contacts has been added to Contacts.
  • A sort option has been added to Contacts.
  • You can now display your in-game online status.
  • Characters can now be marked as "favorites" in Contacts.



Sidebar Menu

Tap the icon on the upper right of the Contacts screen to view the sidebar menu.

You will find detailed explanations of these options further below.

Search by Name

Tap the icon to display the search field.

Search to display a list of all characters in the current category tab with names that include the text you entered.


Sidebar Menu


Characters marked as favorites will be displayed first in the "App Contacts" section of Contacts and will be easier to select when creating chats and events.
It is possible to remove multiple characters from the Favorites list simultaneously.

Registering Characters as Favorites

  • Tap and hold on a character in your Contacts and select "Add to Favorites."
  • Tap and hold on a character's message in a chat and select "Other Options" followed by "Add to Favorites."

Removing Characters from Favorites

  • From the Favorites list, tap "Remove" in the top right of the screen, tap the checkbox of one or more characters, then "Remove" in the bottom right of the screen.
  • From Contacts, tap and hold on a character and select "Remove from Favorites."

Blocked Users

You may choose to block characters whom you do not want to interact with via the app.
You will not be able to receive messages or event invites from blocked users.

How to Block Users

  • Tap and hold on a character's name in your Contacts list. Confirm that you would like to block the user via the window that appears.
  • Tap and hold on a message to display subcommands. From the submenu, choose Other, then Block.
  • Tap and hold on a participant shown on an event's details page. Confirm that you would like to block the user via the window that appears.

How to Unblock Users

  • Tap Unblock in the upper right of the Blocked Users list, then check the box next to the characters you wish to unblock. Finalize your selection by tapping the Unblock button on the lower right of the screen.
  • Tap and hold a character's name on the Blocked Users list. Confirm that you would like to unblock the user via the window that appears.



Syncs your Contacts with in-game social lists.
Your app Contacts list updates automatically; however, if you have several characters or the game server is particularly busy, updates may be delayed. If you do not see the name of a character you have registered to one of your social lists in-game in the app, please try refreshing the data manually by tapping Update.



Tap the icon in the upper right, and select from the sidebar menu to display the Blacklist.

You cannot make changes to your in-game Blacklist via the app.

Users you choose to block from interacting with you in the app will be added to Blocked Users.

As with Blocked Users, you will not receive messages or event invites in the app from users on your Blacklist.



Adjust the display of users in your Contacts list.

Sort by Online Contacts

Players who have set their in-game status to public and are online will display at the top of the Contacts list.

Category Tabs

Below the title bar are the category tabs. Choose one to filter current and potential contacts.

The tabs are as follows:

App Contacts

Displays all users who both use the app and are on your Contacts list.
You can chat and share events with any of these contacts.
Characters in your Favorites list will appear first.


Friend List

Syncs to and displays your in-game friend list.
Characters who are also using the app will be displayed above all non-users.


Free Company (FC)

Syncs to and displays the member list for your in-game free company.
The name of the free company to which you belong will appear in the header.


Linkshell (LS)

Syncs to and displays member lists for your in-game linkshells and cross-world linkshells.
Tap the name of a linkshell to collapse the member list.


Group Members

Displays a list of all characters in your chat and event groups that have not yet been added as contacts.