Kupo Nuts and Mog Coins


Kupo nuts and mog coins are in-app currencies necessary for using various features. The methods for obtaining these currencies, the duration for which they can be held, and the maximum amount a user can hold at one time differ.

Kupo Nuts

  • Kupo nuts are awarded once per day as a login bonus.
  • An active FFXIV subscription is required to receive kupo nuts.
  • The free plan awards one kupo nut each day, and allows for up to two to be held at once.
  • The premium plan awards two kupo nuts each day, and allows for up to ten to be held at once.
  • Each kupo nut can only be held for 180 days.
  • Kupo nuts nearest to expiration will be discarded first if the maximum number is exceeded.

Mog Coins

  • Mog coins may be purchased by tapping the icon on the home screen to open the sidebar menu and selecting Service Plans.
  • One mog coin has the same value as one kupo nut.
  • Unlike kupo nuts, there is no limit to the length of time mog coins can be in your possession.
  • Purchased mog coins are linked to your FINAL FANTASY XIV service account, and may be used for other characters on the same account.
  • Mog coins are bought in pouches or chests. The more coins you purchase at once, the more bonus mog coins you will receive.
  • Mog coins received as a bonus are classed as "free coins" within the app, while those paid for by the user are "purchased coins."
  • You may check an explanation of purchased coins and free coins by tapping the icon from the right of the Account menu to display the Mog Coins Guide.

Features Requiring In-app Currency

  • Listing items for sale on the market board
  • Adjusting the price of items listed on the market board
  • Purchasing items on the market board

In-app Currency Usage

In-app currency is automatically used in the following order:

  1. Kupo nuts (from oldest to newest)
  2. Free mog coins
  3. Purchased mog coins