About FFXIV Companion

FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion helps you prepare for adventure, anytime, anywhere. Use it to chat with friends, share events, organize your items, and access the in-game market board.


Free Service Plan

All users of FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion can access the following features for free.


  • Register one additional location as a favored destination in-game.
  • Chat with members of your free company, linkshell, or friend list who also use the app.
  • Plan and share events.
  • Manage items in your inventory and Armoury Chest.
  • View items held by your retainers or in your chocobo saddlebag.
  • Use kupo nuts and mog coins to sell and buy items on the market board.
  • Receive a free kupo nut once per day. Carry up to two kupo nuts at a time.
  • Purchase mog coins in-app.

Players currently taking advantage of the free trial or free login campaign cannot use the app.


Premium Service Plan


  • Use an extra chocobo saddlebag in-game, for a total of 140 saddlebag slots.
  • Manage chocobo saddlebag items.
  • Hire an extra retainer in-game for no additional cost.
  • Manage retainer items.
  • Exchange items between retainers.
  • Receive twice the kupo nuts per day and carry a maximum of ten at a time.


Mog Coins

  • A digital in-app currency that can be used just like kupo nuts.
  • To purchase, select Account from the main menu and then tap the Buy Mog Coins button.
  • Both free and premium users can purchase and use mog coins.
  • Buy more mog coins at once to receive more free bonus coins!